Sunday, August 31, 2008

Juneau, The Movie

Is it too soon for a remake of Juno? Hollywood gossip blogs are abuzz with news of an upcoming re-do of the snarky teen-pregnancy yukfest. This one, whose working title is Juneau, will be set in frigid Alaska, where a bright, attractive high school girl finds herself in the family way, and has to deal with the reaction of her militantly pro-life mom, who happens to be a powerful state politician, and her dad, a burly snowmobiler with a goatee and a roving eye.

Mom, already busy with four kids of her own, decides to save the family name and her political career by faking a pregnancy and pretending the baby is her own! Sparks really begin to fly when Mom is tapped for a top-level job in Washington by a very, very old man.

"It's Northern Exposure-meets-Diablo Cody," explains one studio exec, "with contemporary politics thrown in." No word yet whether ex-stripper/Oscar winner Cody will be lending the script her patented "honest-to-blog" dialogue.

We'll keep you posted.

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